Mission Statement

Named after the Venerable founder of the Knights of Columbus, the Father Michael J. McGivney Center of Hope and Healing is organized and operated exclusively for religious, charitable and educational purposes in accordance with the section 501(c)(3) of the Internal Revenue Code of 1986. More specifically, the Corporation is organized to provide care to women with difficult pregnancies who carry their babies to term, through provision of transitional housing, spiritual nurturing, and other care for mothers and their children in need, and all in accordance with the teachings of the Catholic Church.


Our Mission is to be an extension of the work of Pregnancy Assistance Centers hereafter referred to as PACs. Each woman is treated on an individual basis. Recognizing the talents of the human person, our programs are designed to help each person to use their talents to achieve eventual self-sufficiency to help themselves and their child. Once a PAC convinces a woman of the value of the life she is carrying within her body, it is our goal to help this women develop the tools she will need to tip toe through the minefield of Life! Tools of education; of self esteem, of love of one’s own life; to mention a few! We offer our guests a place to stay where she can mature into a loving parent and at the same time, develop the life skills necessary to become self-sufficient. We present our guests with a sense of being a member of our family. Food for the mind; food for the body; and food for the heart!


Our residents are eighteen years of age or older, usually referred to us by one of the more than 300 PACs in the State of Illinois and of various racial/ethnic backgrounds. Often in difficult and complicated situations, the backgrounds of the mothers might include abusive relationships, poor understanding of self-worth, no employment experience, limited education, bad relationships with family members, or poor support networks, to name a few. Women that are parenting or placing their child with an adoptive family are welcome. Women in the midst of recovery from addictions or in physical danger are more appropriately served by other Religious or community agencies.